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BMS WaterlessWith today's growing population and concern about increasing energy costs and pollution, the need for better waste management technology for public restroom facilities is more important than ever before. Biological Mediation Systems, LLC has addressed these issues. Our hands-on field experience, in conjunction with research and development, has resulted in the creation of the DEVAP™ 2000 (Patent # 5,342,516) waste reduction system and our Vault Evaporator Technology (Patent # 5,573,661).

Our patented WRS (Vault Evaporator) was designed to reduce vault waste, reduce the number of annual pump-outs and provide for an odor free restroom. This system works well at any location and can operate on standard AC or Solar DC power.

Vault Evaporator Technology saves water by eliminating flush toilets. Special installation can hook-up water for sinks and drinking fountains.

Vault Evaporator technology can be used for a variety of applications where waterless facilities are needed.

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Think sustainable, think renewable energy, think green, THINK BMS...

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BMS Waterless
Think sustainable, think renewable energy, think green, THINK BMS...